PAS Magazine Reviews Boss Audio’s BV9370NV Head Unit

The BV9370NV brings a 6.2-inch TFT touch screen LCD that will not only play movies in your car, but it will also get you where you need to go with a built-in POLSTAR GPS navigation with over two million POI’s covering the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Turn-by-turn directions are provided via on screen prompts and spoken voice instructions. The mapping software can be easily updated by downloading the new data to an SD memory card from your computer. The upgrade is even free during the first year!

When you are on the road, the BV9370NV will keep you entertained in a myriad of ways. Of course you can’t watch a video while driving, and the BV9370NV requires the parking brake to be applied to operate the DVD screen. But that still leaves the CD, AM/FM RDS tuner, MP3 via USB, iPod, iPhone, SD card, or other music players to keep you company. AAC, MP4 and DiXV playback formats are also supported. There are additional 3.5 mm aux and USB input connections on the front panel and, included in the box is an Apple device cable which connects directly to the back of the unit.

The touch screen features 800×480 WVGA resolution, with an anti-glare coating to minimize glare in direct sunlight. The display is also adjustable so you can get things just right for your ride. A rear view camera can be connected to the unit as well, which will turn on automatically when the car is put in reverse.

CD’s load through a slot in the front of the unit, and a smooth door covers and hides the memory card slots. A rotary encoder adjusts the volume, and the on-screen GUI provides easy control of all the typical functions. If your car is equipped with steering wheel controls, the Boss BV9370NV can be programmed to work with your existing buttons without any special adapters. The unit also comes with a full size 44-button remote for easier control. If you’re listening to your favorite tunes on the road and your cell phone rings, simply press a button on the touch screen and the call comes through via the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The system comes with a remote mounted microphone, and will download your phone contacts to the built-in memory, making hands-free calls a breeze. In addition to the hands-free telephony, you can also stream music to the BV9370NV via Bluetooth using A2DP, AVRCP, HPF and PBAP.

The audio section of the BV9370NV includes a built-in four-channel power amplifier producing 17 watts per channel into four ohms. There are RCA pre-outs for front, rear and subwoofer channels, with two volts of output. Equalization comes in the form of a two band EQ with ± 10 dB adjustment capability at 100 Hz and 10 kHz. There are also three preset EQ curves for those who don’t want to fiddle with things themselves. A 24-bit DAC converter operates at eight times oversampling to convert digital information back to analog.

With so many popular “must have” features at an exceptionally low price, the Boss Audio BV9370NV is a definitely worth considering if you are looking to maximize the bang for your buck. The unit comes with a one year, over-the-counter replacement warranty that can be extended to three years if it is installed by an authorized dealer.

By Garry Springgay
Technical Editor
Performance Auto & Sound Magazine